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I’m so excited to be eating such delicious natural foods.  Since April 9: 2018 I have been following the metabolic code phase 1, introduced to me at Just Train it.  Not only have I lost 9 pounds , I feel energetic, and less bloated.  Day to day activities are not a chore.  I look forward to the delicious recipes and meals that I receive daily.  They are easy to prepare, and shared by my entire household.  Thank you Amanda for your continued support.
Maria Nocera Alba

Getting in the nutrition plan with Amanda, I was able to lose 20 difficult pounds, keep it off, eat healthy, know what is the best food for me, the anabolic code was able to direct me to taking the correct supplements that I needed, the bloating in my stomach went away, my mood became better, I was able to sleep better, improved my digestion, my health was better, no more afternoon crashes, my energy level went right up, it was not difficult to stick to the plan, I would definitley recommend the plan to everyone…you won’t regret it.

Marco Zaniolo

Over the past five years I have been fortunate to have been trained by Steve both in a class setting as well as a 1 on 1 training. Steve introduced me to boxing where he simultaneously advanced my fitness level and technical ability. Steve is always encouraging and has an unbelievable talent of knowing exactly when to push you. He recognizes your level, your goals, and your capabilities. Steve puts the personal in personal training.
Doug, City Employee

I have been training at various gyms all my life. At 43 years of age, I’ve been hitting gyms on and off for quite some time. In January 2016, I was recommended by a close friend to try the JUST TRAIN IT boxing gym she was attending.  At first, I was cold to the idea of putting on boxing gloves for the first time at my age. Not only did I think it would be too different of a workout style, but how terribly I would embarrass myself in an actual boxing class. But…I knew I needed to shed some weight and get into something that would keep my health in check.

3 Months later, I had shed nearly 30lbs attending an average of three classes a week! Needless to say JUST TRAIN IT has been a huge success for me. The training staff and the class members have now become my support and motivational group, giving the inspiration and drive to keep me coming to classes every chance I get. The JUST TRAIN IT team truly cares for everyone’s well being and health. They set up training at a pace where anyone at any age, level of fitness or weight can have a successful workout.

6 months into my membership, I have been addicted to classes in a way I had never expected. I walk into every class welcomed by caring peers and a training staff ready to bring the best out in me. It is truly a wonderful experience being a member at JUST TRAIN IT.  Watching what I eat, exercising, and learning how to box has become a joy. Having a team of trainers and members along side of me as I train has been the key to success. I recommend JUST TRAIN IT to anyone who is looking to get healthier while meeting an amazing group of people!

Fil DeStefano, Graphic Designer

What can I say about Steve Cabral,..hmm. I remember when I first met him and how welcome he made my sister and I feel. I felt his dedication and love for his purpose and I knew he would guide us when we were so lost. Steve,  you give ALL of you, every day and that does not go unrecognized. You are also very inspirational as a leader and a teacher which makes it very easy for us (your students). You really take the time to know your students and you help each and every one of us and it does not matter what level we are at,..you are willing to teach from beginners all the way up. Respect is definitely something that you have certainly earned time and time again,..day in,  day out. With your hard work and dedication, you made coming into a gym at 6AM so much more easier. Once you meet Steve, you are a friend for life, and it feels as though you have known Steve all your life,.that IS the way Steve makes you feel. The best teachers in the world are the teachers that have all of the above and STEVE you are certainly one of the best teachers/trainers I have ever met!.
Nancy Nocera, Singer

My 2 sons have been training with Steve and his staff for the past year to help improve their game (hockey). Steve’s knowledge, passion and dedication comes through every single time; applying his craft to the boy’s sport of hockey. My boys enjoy the experience and actually look forward to every session with Steve. Through training with Steve, my boys have not only shown and improvement in their strength and conditioning but have also shown a greater confidence every time they step on the ice.

Thank you Steve for everything!

Dave Cavalleri, Hockey Dad

JUST TRAIN IT is beyond my expectations and every session is better than the last.

Steve brings a focused approach in his sessions that I am very appreciative of. His is tailored and realistic, and has my goals at the forefront. It has been eight months since my skiing accident, a torn MCL and partial tear of the ACL. After my surgery I started working out at JUST TRAIN IT. Under the very watchful eye of Steve he navigated me through the less mobile phase where now I have the full mobility and I am back skiing and doing the things that keep me active, while learning the benefits of boxing and how it has increased my overall fitness.

The JUST TRAIN IT team and atmosphere to me, simply is, approachable in everything they do.

Doug Malcolm, Managing Director/Hockey Dad

Best workout in town – for both private and group lessons. Both personal training and boxing. Steve Cabral really cares about his students, and brings out the best in everyone.
Simon Miller

A really amazing boxing gym with lead trainer Steve Cabral. Steve really knows how to customize his training for each individual. Really recommend!
John Lai, Business Owner

Steve Cabral is a wonderfuLL trainer and teacher. My siblings and I always enjoy his company, he really challenges you in a class setting but is mindfuLL of each individual’s personal limitations. Very attentive and kind, especially for someone like myself who is trying to make healthier life choices. And who seems allergic to exercise (lol). See for yourself!! You won’t regret it!!!
Cee S

Great environment for training… Amazing lead trainer (steve)
Senan Poules, Real Estate Agent