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We utilize the sport of boxing in our team training not only to improve a players physical endurance but to help players acquire more confidence and self-discipline. Boxing helps players improve focus and concentration as players will quickly learn how to block out internal and external distractions. Boxing also improves hand eye coordination and peripheral vision – any sports player needs a broader vision and boxing will improve a players vision by learning to see everything coming at them from the side as well as in front of them. It will also help with a players emotional response as they will learn to react more calmly under pressure. Overall boxing helps improve a person’s game intelligence as well as increased physical ability. Using the sport of boxing to compliment your team’s training is sure way to get results to improve your team’s abilities.



Team Training Prices: 

$150 per hour 4 – 8 player groups

$200 per hour 8 – 20 players (Min. 2 Trainers) 


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