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STARTING January 7th 2020

 Tuesdays: 6:15pm
Thursdays : 8:15pm
Sundays: 11:15am

Coach Robin- Stretch Therapist

FST Certified/Group Fitness Instructor/ Strength and Conditioning

Set some time to stretch those sore muscles! STRETCH is an excellent class to compliment any of the JTI Boxing classes or HIIT classes. 


Gain more flexibility and mobility by lengthening the muscles and lubricating the joints through various stretching techniques on the floor, standing, and using foam rollers.  


When our muscles become tight and our joints stiff, it creates issues with our posture and alignment, and by gaining the right tools in STRETCH you can continue to keep on pushing yourself even further beyond!


Each class will consist of constant self-assessment of your own flexibility, showing you just how far you can go in just 30-45 minutes.


Coach Robin is also facilitating 1 on 1 Training for Strength and Conditioning and Private Facial Stretch Therapy Sessions (FST) You can purchase these online and book. 

For further details and to set up your session contact us at info@jtiboxing.com 


JTI now provides Fascial Stretch Therapy with Coach Robin Facial Stretch Tharapist to compliment your workouts by improving flexibility, increasing performance and prevent injury – just to name a few. This pain free technique can give relief from muscular tension and soreness, improve circulation, reduce stress and it feels great too! 

To book your FST Session purchase regular 1 on 1 training sessions – 60 or 30 minutes and book your time on Coach Robin’s schedule. Please indicate FST in the note section.